Industry Productivity Solutions

We truly understand the industries we serve. Powered by deep insights and shaped by innovation, our industry productivity solutions are carefully curated to deliver a world of better business.

Explore our lineup of AI-powered solutions that boost efficiency and elevate quality of life. From smart transportation to adept urban management, our customized offerings enhance city living and promote sustainability.

AI Smart Gates

Experience our advanced intelligent gate software, where AI sensors and computer vision capabilities unite seamlessly to detect hidden objects without the use of potentially harmful radiation.

Complete with automated gating and flexible features, this remarkable technology holds significance across a diverse range of uses, including airports, retail spaces, and various events.

The patent for this pioneering solution is currently pending with Urban AI Solutions, reflecting our commitment to innovation and progress.

Advanced AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) Robots

Experience accuracy with our advanced AMR robots powered by advanced AI and ML. From tasks such as construction inspections, oil and gas industries to logistics, they navigate flawlessly. With the following characteristics.

Intelligent Motion: Real-time data guides split-second decisions, redefining automation. Powered by advanced AI, our robots navigate with finesse, ensuring each operation is executed flawlessly.

Core Safety: Prioritize safety with advanced obstacle detection. Navigate crowded spaces with care.

Seamless Integration, Instant Impact: Integrate easily, see immediate results. Minimal setup, maximum gains.

Limitless Customization: Unique needs, tailored robots. Customizable solutions for your goals.

Eco-Friendly: Sustainability in mind. Energy-efficient robots optimize resources.

Data-Driven Insights: Decide smart with robot insights. Optimize processes with data.

Private 5G Network In-a-Box solution

Explore Our Game-Changing Private 5G Network In-a-Box!

Our cutting-edge solution, offering unmatched portability, convenience, and reliability.

This compact system features two flight cases, each weighing just 55lbs (25 kgs).

Inside, you'll find an Edge Datacenter and up to 4x 5G small cell antennas, complete with power supplies and tripods.

With our private 5G network, customization is effortless, ensuring no blind spots in your coverage.

Setup is a breeze, with a swift 20-minute deployment, plug-and-play functionality, and a built-in UPS power backup that keeps your network, including small cells, running for up to 1 hour.

Our Edge DataCenter in-a-Box comes with remote managed Local Cloud running 5G Mobile Core. All with Local WiFi-6, 5G Backbone, 1 hour UPS.

Our solution is customizable and has tiered services.

Contact us for more details.

People Counting

Our U-Count innovation is a pioneering AI advancement that merges LiDAR and camera sensors to achieve instantaneous people counting.

Offering uninterrupted surveillance at entrances, designated zones, indoor as well as outdoor spaces, U-Count effectively tackles apprehensions regarding crowd density by promptly alerting supervisors about areas with excessive occupancy.

The provision of real-time alerts and data equips administrators with the authority to preemptively mitigate potential congestion, disorder, or sudden increases in foot traffic.

This capability ensures swift and efficient interventions, cultivating an environment of enhanced safety.


Our tailored detection system operates as a vigilant protector, safeguarding territories and facilities from unauthorized entry.

Through our U-AIS Intrusion Detection system, which harnesses the power of AI and LIDAR technology, intruders within buildings, fields, or diverse areas are astutely recognized and monitored.

This solution precisely evaluates an individual's permissions to access the designated space.

In the event of an intrusion, the system immediately notifies operators, expediting swift and suitable countermeasures.


Streamline and enhance your operations with remarkable efficiency through our tailored AI-powered software solutions, meticulously designed for the following key applications.

Predictive Maintenance: Our AI software solution can analyze data from sensors, machines, and historical maintenance records to predict when equipment is likely to fail.
Quality Control and Defect Detection: Our AI-powered computer vision software solution can inspect products on production lines in real-time, detecting defects, inconsistencies, and deviations from desired standards.

Supply Chain Optimization: Our customizable AI software solution can enhance supply chain management by analyzing vast amounts of data to predict demand, optimize inventory levels, and streamline logistics.